Perfect Wedding Reception

Throughout the years we have learned what works well for our clients.  You can follow this smooth, well-executed wedding reception timeline to make the most out of your big day.

Cocktail hour: The cocktail hour follows the wedding ceremony and provides a time where guests can mingle and participate in any ice-breaker games.

Bridal party introductions: When the bridal party finishes taking photos during the cocktail hour, they will be formally introduced to all guests attending the event.

Bride and groom first dance: Immediately following the introductions, the bride and groom begin their first dance. The rest of the bridal party either takes a seat or joins the bride and groom.

Dinner Blessing: The officiant will give blessings before dinner and wish the newlywed couple a successful and fulfilling new life together.

Dinner and Toasting Begins: Tables will be served or released for dinner. Toasts and pre-arranged dinner entertainment happens at this time.

First Dances: Father and bride, mother and son, and all similar dances take place. This provides entertainment for those still eating and breaks open the dance floor for others who have finished.

Cake Cutting: Before the dancing picks up, the wedding cake is cut and dessert is served to the guests.

Open Dance Floor: The dance floor officially opens up with more upbeat songs and the dancing begins.

Special Dances: Any special dances such as the money dance and couples’ dance are performed at different points throughout the night.

Bouquet Toss: Amidst all of the dancing, all of the single ladies are invited to join the bride to try and catch the bouquet.

Retrieval of the Garter and Garter Toss: The groom is invited to join the bride on the dance floor after the bouquet toss to retrieve and toss the garter to all of the single men.

Last Dance: Traditionally, the bride and groom are given the last dance of the evening which brings the reception to a close.

Reception Ends: Before guests begin leaving, they partake in a grand exit in honor of the bride and groom.

If you want a reception that is flawless, contact us and our team will guide you in the right direction!

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