8 Tips for your wedding day

  1. Displaying The Dress. Your photographer will often take several detailed shots of the wedding gown. To insure the dress is presented at it's best, you should display it properly by the type of hanger. Do not use plastic or warn-down hangers! Typically, brides acquire custom wire or vintage hangers for these photos. If you are not wanting to spend much, consider using a velvet hanger. 
  2. Vows That Will Last A Lifetime. Are you and your significant other planning on scripting your own vows? If so, vows created on beautiful, durable paper stock with an easily legible font is ideal. This will help prevent rips, tears, and other damages--not to mention they will look incredible in pictures. Vows written in this way will be forever cherished and serve as a reminder of your promises for a lifetime.
  3. Collecting Your Gifts. Prior to your reception, dedicate a table to the gifts you will receive throughout the night. Many brides have the table uniquely decorated with an exquisite sign displaying the word "Gifts." As the reception concludes, give a trusted friend the role of collecting your gifts. Knowing those valuables will be in good hands will truly take some stress off your plate.
  4. Keeping Your Dress at it's Best. If you will be escaping to your honeymoon after your wedding, request that someone take your wedding dress to the cleaners for you. You will have a better chance of removing stains that may have appeared throughout the night. (For more tips on keeping your dress flawless, click here.)
  5. Nutrition Throughout The Day. Your wedding day will be quite predictably busy, and there may not be much time to spend having a sit down meal. Plan ahead for this by keeping healthy snack foods such as granola bars, dried fruits, and bagels on hand. You will want to be nutritionally well-off in order to have energy to dance the night away.
  6. Capturing The Memories. Your wedding day has been something you have dreamed of since you were young. You've dreamed about it enough, so why not capture it for a lifetime? Make sure when choosing your photographer and/or cinematographer that you personally connect with them and have a similar vision of the big day. Don't be afraid to express your thoughts and ideas to them! You are the biggest part of the creative process, and letting them know what your thoughts and ideas are will yield a more special and memorable product.
  7. A Smooth Wedding Reception. To guarantee a night of fun and laughter, construct a timeline laying out the activities of the night. Feel free to be as detailed as you need. Make sure your planner, DJ, bridal party, and immediate family are on the same page as the timeline. These two steps will eliminate confusion and make sure your reception flows smoothly.
  8. Appreciate The Day. You have invested countless hours, money, and planning into your wedding day for months. Therefore, don't get caught up in the little hiccups that may occur. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the night because it will only happen once!

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