When it comes to planning your wedding, a lot of couples struggle the most with picking out the perfect playlist for their reception. Music is an important part of a wedding, and it can be an expression of the couple throughout the night. That being said, we put together some tips on creating the perfect wedding reception playlist.

Plan early. It can be very difficult to narrow down your options and get them in a good order that will flow during the reception. By starting the playlist early and giving yourself ample time to perfect it, you can put together songs that you love. It also helps to plan ahead so you aren’t up in the middle of the night before your wedding stressing out about your song selection.


Keep it personal. A lot of times couples end up googling “Best Wedding Songs,” etc. to put together their playlist. The best way to go, is to just scroll through the music you already have on your own and pick out every song that jumps out to you. More than likely, these songs will be ones that your guests will enjoy. By using your own music, you are able to truly show your guests who you are and express yourself and your relationship.


Break it up. For your wedding you want to create numerous different playlists based on which part of your wedding you were at. Here’s an idea of what it would look like:

Pre-ceremony: These are songs your guests will hear as they are first arriving and finding their seats. You want to choose simple songs that are nice to listen to and to set the tone for the rest of your event.

Cocktail hour:Once the wedding portion is over, you want to change the mood of your event to celebratory, fast and upbeat music that is fun to listen to. This is when your guests will be socializing and you can choose songs that are discussion starters.

Dinner: While your guests are eating, you want mild music that is relaxing while people eat and chat. You want to be able to easily transition into the first dance.

Dance party: This is usually the hardest part for most couples. You have to find a good balance between playing songs that are personal to your relationship and songs that all your guests will know and want to dance to.

No one really cares. Just like the rest of your wedding, your guests are there to celebrate you and your new spouse. Your guests do not notice if there are flaws or mistakes during your event because they are having fun. This applies to your music selection as well. The songs that will be remembered the most will be when people are laughing and having fun, as well as the first dance because the new couple is so happy.


Overall, keep it simple and keep it personal. Everyone will have fun at your wedding/reception no matter what music you choose.


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