Receiving a wedding invitation in the mail will always light up anyone’s day. You open it, write down the date and set it on the coffee table. However, there is more to being a wedding guest than just showing up and partying—you have important responsibilities as a wedding guest. Don’t worry, I will explain exactly how to be the best wedding guest.


Getting the invitation. You will normally receive the invitation to the wedding about six to eight weeks beforehand. You want to respond if you will be attending or not as soon as you can. The couple needs to have a head count for their wedding as soon as they can so they can pass it on to their vendors. It may not seem important to respond right away, but your procrastination could add to the couple’s stress.


Choosing the gift. Even if you do not plan on attending the wedding, it is always polite to send a gift anyways. Be sure to address the gift to the address listed on the wedding invitation (for safety reasons). When choosing the gift, you do not necessarily have to choose something from the registry. If you have a special gift idea, go for it!


Determining your outfit. When deciding what to wear, you want to keep in mind the weather, the theme, and whether it is inside or outside. For example, if you are attending an outdoor spring wedding, a floral dress for women or light colored suit for women would be suitable. Number one rule on dressing for weddings is do not wear white. It is considered extremely impolite to take away from the bride on her special day.


Attending the ceremony. Arrive to the ceremony on time—if not, early. You were chosen to be part of this couple’s special day, honor that. Plan on arriving around 30 prior to the event starting so you are able to find a seat.


Partying at the reception. First off, take advantage of the receiving line—this is your chance for a few brief moments with the bride and groom. When it is time to be seated, do not just sit anywhere—check the seating chart! Not sure when it is acceptable to leave? You should stay at least until after the cake has been cut. If you can, try to find the bride and groom and congratulate them before leaving. 



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