Five Frugal Honeymoon Destinations

After all of the wedding planning and the management of your drunk Uncle Andy at the reception, it's time to relax. That's where the honeymoon comes in. Typically lasting for seven days and six nights, an average couple spends approximately $5,111 on their first get away as a couple, according to  After paying for the dress, the flowers, the tux, the venue, the food, Uncle Andy's cab ride home, is this a price you can afford to pay? Don't fret, Spark has you covered. With these five frugal destinations, you can lower your budget without budging your standards. Take a look. 



Thailand is one of the most cost-efficient destinations to choose from. Whether you're looking to stretch your last dollar, or empty out your wallet, Thailand has got something to accommodate everyone. While there are hundreds of islands in Thailand, Phuket is the largest island and most visited by tourists. Lounge in a cabana on your beachfront villa , or travel inland to the Golden Triangle and stay at the beautiful Anantara Elephant Camp and Resort which offers elephant excursions in addition to their luxury spa and pool villa suites. 



Book it while it's fresh! As our nation's relationship with this Caribbean island hits an all-time high, so will the prices of travel. Stay in Havana for fun-filled nights of latin dancing and traditional Cuban culture, or book an all-inclusive resort with an amazing view of the pristine Varadero Beach. 




Bali is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic cuisine, beaches and coral reefs. Looking for a vivacious surf town with nightlife to match? Kuta is your spot. Book a 5-star hotel at an average rate of just $201 per night. Sold on the traditional, romantic honeymoon, complete with a luxury hotel and premium suite? Seminyak, a popular resort town, is your spot. Abundant with high-end shopping, fine-dining, luxury resorts, spas, and poolside villas, Seminyak is the perfect destination honeymoon for the couple wanting to live like royalty on a budget.

If you have extra time, or money to explore the rest of the island, Bali is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats and has several accommodations to match your price range. 



Countless all-inclusive resorts provide travel in the most efficient way. Eat, drink, and be merry for one package rate, as many of the resorts have on-site restaurants, bars, spas, and nightlife. The Caribbean nation is known for it's pristine beaches and exquisite golfing ranges - that's right groom, you heard golfing. Punta Cana, a popular resort destination for many tourists, offers a variety of resorts and packages to satisfy almost any budget. 



A frugal honeymoon list would be incomplete without the mention of Mexico. Both Cancun and Cabo are home to various gulf-shore sandy beaches and all-inclusive resorts complete with spas, tour guides, water sports, and more. While most of the resorts are affordable, you get what you pay for in terms of luxury and quality of service and amenities.  Being just a short flight from the U.S., Mexico is a great option for couples who are not only short on cash, but time as well. 


There you have it, folks! The Frugal Five of the honeymoon world. Get to booking, and don't forget to book Spark to capture all of your moments leading up to your honeymoon. ⚡️



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