You're Engaged! Now What?

Getting engaged may be one of the most emotional and exciting moments in your life. Your adrenaline is pumping and you cannot help but stare at your hand and admire the beautiful band on your finger. As all of this excitement is going on there comes that moment of the even bigger question of “Now What?”. Here are a few things that you can do after getting engaged without overwhelming yourself all at once.

Tell Your Family and Friends

This moment is huge and surely you cannot wait to post about the engagement on all social media. Before you get to posting, take a moment to contact your family and close friends to share the exciting news! Not only is it so exciting to announce it to them, It will mean so much more if it is in a more personal matter than a post on Facebook.


Take a moment to take everything in! No need to rush to every little detail right away! Call this your YOU time and enjoy yourself and your partner’s new milestone.

Insure Your Ring

Although many would like to put this off, this should be one of the first things that you do after your engagement! Insuring your ring is important for future problems you may have such as loss of a stone or if it were to be lost. Most Jewelers offer insurance and can walk you through the process. Once you have your ring insured, it is one less worry to have as you continue planning and through life.

Discuss a Date

This might be the scariest part of planning a wedding because everyone expects you to have a date set as soon as you are engaged. To make things easier on you and less stressful, discuss a date with your partner that you can tell others when they ask. You don’t have to necessarily have a specific date, any general time such as a year, season, or even a general month is good to have in mind.

Create a Budget

Weddings can begin to add up when there is no set budget. Having a budget for the entire wedding as well as all of the sub categories such as venue, catering, photography and other details can help with the planning process.

Drafting a Guest List

Ever just hang around and watch some TV in the evenings? What a perfect time to start drafting a guest list! Guest list may seem daunting when looking at the entire picture, but by breaking it up into your downtime allows for time to think things out. If you think of someone you would like to add, you can add them the next time you are just hanging around. Make it as easy on yourself as possible so that you don’t have to stress!

After getting engaged remember that even though there is lots to do, look at it in little steps and breathe! This is an exciting time and you should not stress right away. By doing some of these few things, it can make things feel less stressful but also productive to your planning process. Congratulations! 

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