8 Wedding Reception Trends

One thing that many people look forward to when going to a wedding is the reception. This is the first time the pubic will see the bride and groom as one and it is time to celebrate! Planning the reception can allow you to get creative and get the celebration going while keeping high energy and smiles all around. Here are 8 wedding reception trends to help spice up your celebration!


1. Wedding Hashtags

What better way to announce the newly weds than to create a hashtag that allows guest to show off all the fun! Creating a unique hashtag can be fun spin to the day and allows for anyone to later look back at all the pictures that were taken at the wedding on Instagram as well as show the bride and groom how fun they had when celebrating their special day with them. 

2. Creative Wedding Guest Sign In

It is always fun to look back to see who came to celebrate your special day with you, so why not get creative and make it fun and thoughtful for your guests? Polaroid photos and a sign in book allows the guests to take a photo of themselves then tape it into a memory book and write a personal note. The sky is the limit when planning your guest book. Check out our Pintrest for more fun ideas!

3. Wedding Day Snap Chat Filters

Today snapchat is one of the most used social media apps used. Personalize your special day by creating a filter for your guest to use at your reception! This allows guest to have a memory to take with them by adding a filter to a photo. If you feel that you would like a quick and easy way to create a filter, click here for FREE customizable filters!

4. Renting Out a Food Truck

Forget the fancy food, and formal dining ware. Why not feed your guest something simple but still unique by having a food trucks for dinner! This not only will engage the guests but also can allow some freedom in choosing their own meal for the night. This trend will have your guest talking and is sure to impress!

5. Buffet Style Desert Tables

Many receptions have ditched the giant wedding cakes and have started the trend of desert tables. This allows your guest to choose if they would like desert as well as allows them the freedom to choose what they would like. By including foods such as cookies, cupcakes, candy or chocolates, a desert table leaves room for an array of options. Pintrest has many great ideas on how to make your desert table pop.

6. Father Daughter Dance

It is a tradition for the father and daughter to have their special dance at the reception. Although traditionally it is a slow dance, why not put a spin on things and have an up beat choreographed dance! This not only is a memorable moment for the bride and the father but also is memorable for the guests and keeps high energy throughout the celebration.

7. Grooms Men Dances

How about an unexpected surprise dance from the groomsmen at the reception? Recently it has become popular for the groom and his groomsmen to choreograph a dance to perform for the bride as a surprise. Talk about a fun memory to have on your wedding day!

8. Wedding Day Koozies

Everyone loves making memories and everyone loves gifts! A popular party favor for receptions has been Koozies with the wedding day and the bride and grooms name on them for their guests to take home with them.

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