Create Your Low Cost Dream Wedding

Today, the average cost for weddings in the US is $32,641 according to The Knot. But what if I told you there was a way to still have that dream wedding and be lower in cost?  Here are a few ways to get that low cost dream wedding!

Choose a Few

When it comes to your special day, there are so many things that are on our mind that is needed at the wedding such as photography, decorations, DJ, ceremony, reception, guests and so much more! The way to lower cost is to choose 2-3 items that mean the most to you that you and keep those as your higher priced items. For example, maybe you want to have photography, cinematography and the venue high on your list. Then it is time to look at the other options and find ways that you can cut back on.

Guest Lists

If it is possible, create a guest list that contains the must have people that you want at your special day. When you plan a guest list, every person is seen as a cost. If you can cut down to a lower number of guests, there is less of a cost overall.

Simple Menu Options

Receptions typically have some sort of a dinner option within them. One way to cut down on cost is to limit the number of courses you serve. Instead of a five course meal, try having a buffet style dinner for your guest. This limits the cost per guest. Another way to do this is to buy your own drinks or have a cash bar. By doing this you can spend the amount you want on drinks and then have a family member serve as a bartender. Cutting cost both in drinks and serving costs. It is a win-win situation!

Cake Cut Down

Instead of having a large elegant cake, choose a small cake for you and your spouse and provide many sheet cakes of different flavors or some sort of desert table for your guests! This allows guest to enjoy what they prefer as well as allows for you and your spouse to enjoy your own cake and cut another cost down!

Venue Costs

One big cost in wedding planning can be the venue. Some ways that cost can be cut down is by booking on less busy days such as a Friday night or a Sunday. Both of these days are lower in demand when booking and are typically cheaper to book.

There are many ways to cut down on costs and still host your dream wedding, sometimes you just have to get creative and not get caught up in the many expensive options. Below is a list of National averages that are spent on weddings to help with other areas you can cut down costs on.



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