5 Photography Trends for Your Wedding Day

Weddings are full of moments that can create photos that are worth a thousand words. Capturing these images may slip your mind when planning what you want your photographer to capture. Check out some photography trends to capture on your special day!

1.     Proposals

A proposal is a bittersweet moment filled with many emotions. Behind the scenes photography has become a trend in capturing those precious moments in many couple’s proposals. The images are certainly worth a million word.


2.   Father Daughter First Looks

One of the happiest days for a father is seeing his little girl get married, but one of the greatest moments is when they see their girl for the first time before the wedding. Father daughter images capture the emotions between the bride and her father right before walking down the aisle.


3.    Overhead Shots

Overhead shots have become a popular way to creatively and uniquely capture the sweet moments that the bride and groom have together on their special day.


4.    Candid Shots

Between all of the smiles, laughs, and unexpected happenings at a wedding, candid photography can make for some of the most memorable and emotion filled images on your special day.


5.   Black and White

Looking for the classic and clean look within your images? You cannot go wrong with a black and white image. You can instantly create a timeless image that looks beautiful at all times.




Image Resource: https://www.theknot.com/content/wedding-proposals-how-to-propose

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