Brides Over the Decades

Ever wonder how weddings change through the years? Take a look at these different brides from all walks of life and what they enjoyed most, wish they did, and advice from their wedding day!

The Brides

Kramer: 25 years old, married 4 months

Jess: 38 years old, married for 10 years.

Sharon: “Old Enough”, married for 25 years.

What do you remember most from your wedding day?

 Kramer, newlywed: “What I remember most is just the feeling of absolute bliss knowing that God was with me, I was about to marry my best friend, and being surrounded by all the people I loved the most. I also remember a ton of my surroundings and what was going on. Little details because I tried to pause off and on during that day and just take it all in.”
Jess, 10 years: “I remember my husband tearing up when he first saw me in my dress it was so sweet!  Definitely our personally written vow to each other, there was not a dry eye in the place!!”
Sharon, 25 years: “My handsome husband.”

The details may fade over time from your wedding day, but one thing seems to stand true. Whether it’s been a few months or a few years the most important part of that day is always the two of you.

What was something you were super worried about on your wedding day that didn’t matter in the long run?

 Kramer: “Something I was worried about but didn't really care in the long run was how it would look when everyone (parents and the bridal party) walked into the ceremony & reception...would the walk in songs be long enough? Would there be any awkward silence?? I didn't see either one of these things happen so I didn't even care on that day.”
Jess: “I honestly wasn't really worried about anything other than being the center of attention (not generally really big on that) but after the ceremony was over and everyone was just enjoying himself or herself. I totally relaxed and enjoyed myself!”
Sharon: “I worried if everyone would have fun at the reception because it was at our house.”

No matter how many times you tell a bride not to worry, she will worry. What she worries about will always be different, but a bride’s day is one she will always want to be perfect. The main thing to know is that it will be OKAY if things don’t go according to plan. Relax and enjoy your special day.

 What is something you wish you would have done on your wedding day?

Kramer: “It sounds so funny but I wish I had eaten more on my wedding day!! EAT WHEN YOU CAN! I hardly ate anything and didn't get to eat at the reception and felt so sick and weak the next morning because of it!”
Jess: “I can't think of anything that I'd wish I had done. I got to spend much of the day with my best girl friends getting treated like a princess. I also got to put on a gorgeous dress and marry my best friend and didn't have to worry about the clean up after!”
Sharon: “I wish I had had my sister as maid of honor because the person who was my maid of honor I'm not close with any more.” 

There always seems to be one thing someone regrets or wishes they had changed on their big day no matter how perfect it might have been. Even if your day isn’t exactly what you imagined it would be, just remember to be like Jess and enjoy yourself!

Is there anything before your wedding that you did that you would recommend for brides to do?

 Kramer: “My groom and I did the thing where you stand with a wall or door in between you (so he can't see you) before the wedding and I highly recommend it!! It was just such a peaceful moment to hear his voice and talk a little bit just us. I'll remember that forever!”
Jess: “The day before the wedding I went to a salon and had a facial, massage, and my nails and toes done. It was super relaxing and pampering and a great thing to do before the big day!  If you can, I would highly recommend doing that!!”
Sharon: “I never done this but would recommend having a wedding coordinator. If there are problems the coordinator can be the go to person.”

Man, have times changed. Trends have changed throughout the years, but one thing still seems to be a common denominator, RELAX and enjoy your day to its fullest potential. Take some extra time for you or like Sharon suggested have someone else do all the planning.

Are there any current trends you think are necessary or do away with?

 Kramer: “Everyone has his or her opinions but the trend is to do a first look and I'm so glad we didn't. It was the best moment to finally see him when I headed down the aisle!  Instead I did a first look with me dad and big brother. SO FUN!”
Jess: “I think you should do whatever you'd like for your wedding day.  Everyone is different and enjoys different things.  So have whatever theme, type of wedding (indoor, outdoor, barn, beach) you want to have.  As long as the main focus is on you and your husband uniting together in marriage, who cares what the event itself looks like.  It's a day to celebrate you and your husband, just have fun doing it!!” 
Sharon: “Don't compare your wedding to all of Pinterest. Be original instead of coping someone else's wedding!!”

Current wedding trends have been all the rage on Pinterest and Kramer has a great twist on them. No matter where you are in your life or how long you’ve been married, this day will always be memorable!



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