How to Deal with Pre-Wedding Jitters So You Can Get Some Sleep

How to Deal with Pre-Wedding Jitters So You Can Get Some Sleep

As your big day draws near, you may find it harder to keep your eyes closed at night. Keeping track of all the details from the centerpieces and tablecloths to the travel arrangements and seating chart are enough to keep any bride or groom awake at night. Sleep deprivation can compound wedding stress to the point that it strains your relationship with your fiance. While you can’t get rid of stress altogether, you can take steps to reduce its effects and help yourself get the sleep you need. 

Lack of Sleep and Your Emotional Health

Let’s take a quick look at what happens to your emotional health when you start getting less than the recommended seven hours of sleep. The changes start in the amygdala, the emotional center of your brain. The less sleep you get the more sensitive it becomes to negative thoughts, emotions, and events. 

Usually, the logic center of your brain helps keep your emotional responses in check. But, during sleep deprivation, your logic center becomes less active, which reduces its influence over your emotions. In the months before your wedding, you’re going to have stress that interferes with your sleep. Unfortunately, that sleep loss can make your wedding stress worse but don’t fret 

A combination of stress management and healthy sleep habits can help you get the rest you need and restore your emotional balance. You may still feel stress but you’ll be emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared to handle it. 

Take the Time to Address Stress

By making time to reduce stress every day, you’ll be able to enjoy the planning and prep while nurturing your relationship with your partner. 

Try Meditation

Meditation has been around for centuries but scientists are only now beginning to understand the benefits it has on the human body. Meditation helps bring your mind’s focus into the present rather than on past or future events like a certain upcoming wedding. Doing so reduces stress hormones, bringing down the heart rate and blood pressure. Additionally, consistent meditation strengthens the connection between the logic center of the brain and the amygdala, which puts reason back in control of your emotions.

Give Yoga a Chance

Yoga, another ancient practice that’s gained modern acceptance, has been shown to reduce stress-related inflammation while improving mood and increasing energy levels. While you don’t want a burst of energy before bed, a few gentle poses at bedtime can reduce physical tension for better sleep. 


Sometimes you need a way to get stressful thoughts out of your head and journaling is the perfect nighttime remedy. Write down your concerns or to-do list each night so you can deal with them in the morning.

Make Sleep a Priority

Consistent stress management coupled with good sleep can keep your wedding jitters in check. While there are lots of ways to improve your sleep, some of the simplest include:

  • Getting Comfortable: A comfortable bed frame and mattress that support your weight and sleep position are a must. You can also help by turning down the thermostat and blocking out as much light as possible. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, consider a white noise machine to cut down on sleep interruptions.

  • Following a Bedtime Routine and Go to Bed at a Regular Bedtime: Your bedtime routine is the perfect opportunity to incorporate stress reduction techniques. A routine also helps signal the brain to release sleep hormones. And, by keeping a regular bedtime, your body will be prepared to appropriately respond to those hormones.

  • Ditching the Screens: Laptops, televisions, and smartphones give off a light that can suppress sleep hormones. Put them away two to three hours before bed so that you can get some sleep.


Wedding jitters are normal, but they shouldn’t interfere with your health. Once you’re getting better sleep and keeping tabs on your stress levels, you’ll be able to enjoy the planning process. Even better, you can nurture your relationship with your fiance because you’ll be at your emotional best. 

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