Guide: Become a Corporate Planning Guru

Behind every successful party, is an OCD planner with the management skills of a drill sergeant. Learn how to plan an event that will go down in your company history, as well as leave your guests begging for an invite to the next company party. Whether you live for event planning or the task fell into your lap unexpectedly, executing a corporate event can be a daunting task. Follow these guidelines and no one will ever know this task wasn't left for the pros to handle. 

Choose a Theme 

That's right, your quarterly company picnic needs a theme - even if the theme is simply "picnic". "Creating a theme will guide all other aspects of the planning," says Nicholas Pell, a writer for the Small Business branch of Yahoo!. A theme will not only guide the planning, but it will serve as the glue that holds all other aspects such as menu, beverages, and entertainment, together. 

Set a Budget 

The second, if not the first thing on your planning to-do list, should be to set a budget. There's no reason to waste time planning an extravaganza complete with table dancers and a red carpet if your budget is $100. Work with what you've got, and plan around your budget accordingly. 

Venue Shopping

Even if this is a conference room luncheon, go out of your way to make sure that the conference room is available at the time you and your guests need the space, and make the accommodations needed to hold all of your coworkers. Looking for a place to go out to lunch? Springfield Brewing Company has a prime conference room that can hold between 8-12 people comfortably. If this is a bigger event, then this is a much bigger step. Look into various venues to get the best deals, and look into their in-house catering, decorating, and entertainment packages. 

Send Invitations

Shoot a friendly e-mail for a casual luncheon, or send a traditional invitation via mail for a swankier event. Make sure to specify the reason for the event, the theme, date, time, and place within your invitation.

Create the Menu

Ordering in from everyone at the offices' favorite spot? Call ahead of time to make sure the order will be complete by the time your event starts. Hosting something a little less casual? Make sure you get ahold of your chosen caterer in advance to avoid and hiccups. Also make sure that the menu accommodates all lifestyles (vegan, kosher, vegetarian, etc.) and allergies.

Work out the Details 

Get decorations appropriate for your theme, budget, and venue. Clearly, if you're having a fiesta-themed luncheon you won't decorate with American flags and stream the national anthem. 

Choose an Event Maid 

This is maybe the most comical step. First, create a master to-do list. Then, designate a poor, unfortunate soul to get it all done on the day of the event. Whether you're a do-it-yourself type person, or a dump-it-on-someone-else type person, this step is vital to your sanity. 


Now, you've got a successful event, happy coworkers, and an even happier supervisor. Want to catch your moment of praise? Check out our list of services including photo booths, photography, and cinematography. ⚡️



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