Did you just "squinch"?

So, right off the bat, let’s put this one to bed; what is “squinching”? Is it a feeling? Is it a tangible thing?? Is it…the action of a squid pinching??? Well, if you answered, “The last one!”, then you’re…well…wrong…but it seems like you have a great sense of humor, so let’s hang out!

No, squinching is none of those things. It’s something you do with the muscles around your eyes that will make you look more interesting in front of the camera! And who doesn’t want to be THAT guy…or girl?! Amiright, or amiright?! Hey-O!

Okay, we gotta bring it down a notch and do some educatin’. Here are the nuts and bolts. Peter Hurley – professional model turned professional headshot photographer – created the term “squinch”. And, being one of the most sought after headshot photographers in the world, we'd say Mr. Hurley knows a thing or three about making people look interesting!

We are writing about squinching because it’s something we ask most of our wedding photography clients to do when we are shooting them. We coach them on how to do it, and then we try it out. Sure, we’ll get some off the cuff, funny shots, but then... MAGIC happens!

Check out Peter’s video about squinching, and you’ll never look boring in a selfie again! :)

You’re welcome.

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