Location! Location! Location!

Whether it was articulated by real estate tycoon Lord Harold Samuel, or written in a real estate advertisement in a 1926 Chicago Tribune, the phrase, “Location, location, location!”, has relevance even today! And, while this saying has curb appeal throughout the real estate industry, “location” is also something that a lot of photographers focus on!

Annie Huff, a past client - and superfan - of Spark (Thanks Annie!), recently asked how we scout the perfect engagement picture spot. It’s a great question and the answer hinges on one very important process; asking the right questions!

We learn as much as we can about our couples before every shoot. We learn about their personalities, their hobbies, their favorite places…their HISTORY. For example, through a series of conversations, we may learn that a couple is sporty, and that they like physical hobbies such as baseball, or biking, or skiing, etc. If that’s the case, we’ll consider sportier locations and activities that fit their personality and character. The same is true for nature loving couples, thrill seeking couples, book loving couples, etc., etc. Learning about our couples is really what guides our location scouting decisions, and ultimately creates the backbone of strong, meaningful images.

After learning about our couples, we brainstorm ideas and locations that would lend themselves well to making those images! While we brainstorm, though, there are general considerations we keep in mind before settling on a location. In no particular order, here are a few things we consider when discussing location possibilities with our couples:

·         Meaning – Is the location sentimental to our couple? Why?

·         Ease of access – Is the location accessible? Would we need special equipment to get to the location? Would we need a permit or permission to shoot there? Depending on ease of access, is there a similar location that is more accessible?

·         Comfortability – Will the location be comfortable for our couple? If not, how can we make it comfortable while shooting?

·         Weather and lighting – Will unfavorable weather or available light affect the location’s ability to lend itself well to making images?

·         “Looks” – Is the location adequate to make many different “looks”? (Some locations are better than others, because they offer unique backgrounds, patinas, textures, etc., in the same area. That translates to offering many different “looks” without the need to travel to different locations.)

·         Safety – Will our couples be safe at the location? (We never put our couples at risk regardless of how “cool” the shot might be. You’ll love your images and, since we’ll keep you safe, you’ll be able to enjoy those images for years to come!)

So, there you have it, Annie! Getting to know our couples by asking the right questions is what ultimately guides us to the perfect shooting location(s)! We appreciate you joining the conversation!

What about you, our other readers and fans? Do you know of any unique locations in and around the Ozarks? Let us know in the comment section or on our Facebook page!

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