Maybe Old-New Just Needs a Little "Spark"!

We all love new things; new clothes, new gadgets, new relationships! New is alluring and adventurous! New is fun and fascinating! New is sexy and seductive! New is...NEW! And boooy, do we love new! Whew!

Regardless of what it is, the idea of having or doing something new is titillating! We love new clothes, and how they make us feel about ourselves. We love new gadgets, and the status we perceive by owning them. We love visiting new places, and stepping away from our sometimes boring, day-to-day routine. We love new relationships, and the idea of sharing our lives and making memories with someone special!

There's just one problem with new, eventually gets old.

Or have we just been convinced that it does?

As new gives way to newer, our sentiments about that old-new thing start to fade. We get bored with it. It just doesn't seem as exciting or as sexy as it use to. So, in our minds, that old-new thing is now sullied. Has it really changed, though? Has it really become so obsolete that it holds less – or even no – value to us? Probably not.

What most likely happens, is that we – consciously or not – shift our mindset in a way that makes the old-new thing seem less captivating. We stop appreciating and wanting what we've got, and start thinking that the newer thing – and everyone that has it – is playing on greener grass. We're bombarded with “newer is better” rhetoric so much that we're convinced of the statement's authenticity. However, while the “newer is better” sentiment is arguably true in regard to technology and gadgets, that foundation cracks and crumbles when applied to the thing we should care about most; relationships!

At Spark, we most often see the fresh, new side of things! We meet with recently engaged couples, who are excited to begin a new life together. There is adventure and intrigue with every new day! And our couples can't wait to take on the world and make their mark! They have that new thing. And we love it! We love it – and are honoured – because they've chosen us to commemorate that new thing! Our couples entrust our DJs to “bring the party”! They put their confidence in our photographers and videographers, knowing that we'll capture their most precious memories! And they don't think twice to incorporate our photobooth at their event because...who doesn't want a photobooth, right?! At Spark, we offer everything couples need to make sure their new thing is just as exciting as it should be! We also know, however, that it's important to acknowledge the fact that mindsets wobble.

It's often difficult to not take long-term, intimate relationships for granted. We get comfortable with being comfortable, and sometimes stop chasing our partner after we've caught them. And when we do that, that relationship, and all involved suffer. Time, money, responsibilities, and a host of other things affect our outlook and how we perceive our relationships. What once was new and exciting can become old and boring rather unexpectedly. It doesn't happen in every relationship, but it does happen. So, while we primarily see the new side of relationships, at Spark, we want to be a resource for all of our couples – past, present and future – regardless of how long they've been together!

With that, here are a few suggestions to massage your mindset, and “spark” that old-new relationship into the roaring flame that it once was! And if your flame is already white hot, then just use these suggestions as fodder to keep the fire burning!

Askinosie Chocolate Factory – Go tour the factory! If what they say is true about chocolate – that it can be a very potent aphrodisiac – touring an award-winning chocolate factory may well be all it takes to get those relationship sparks flying again! And it's local, so you're close to home. (Wink! Wink!) That sounds like a tasty “win-win” to us!

Crater of Diamonds State Park – If diamonds are your girl's best friend, then schedule a trip to Arkansas! Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only diamond producing site in the world that allows the public to search for diamonds. It's inexpensive, and with a “finders, keepers” policy, you're bound to get down and dirty in this volcanic crater! Now how many couples can say they've done that?!

Mother's Brewing Company – “Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer...”. Well, it's actually closer to 30+ crafty concoctions, but Mother's is consistently adding new brews to their already impressive line! If you're a couple that likes all-things local, and can appreciate the process of making a quality craft beer, then head over to Mother's brewery for the Mother's Tour. During the tour you'll learn about Mother's, and the process and harmony of making crafty brews! You'll also get to try samples of select crafts and wet your lip in their Tasting Room. We suggest doing the Winter Grind, while Making Trouble in the Old School! Is it getting hot in here?! Holy Mole'! Cheers! And, please, be responsible...until you get home. (Wink!)

417 Skydive – Nothing is as exciting as rocketing through the sky, sans vehicle, at 120mph! Sure, you'll question every life decision you made that led you to the point of staring down at the Earth's crust from 2 miles above. But that anxiety and nervous rush of adrenaline will give way to euphoria as your chute bellows, and safely guides you to the reassuring embrace of solid ground. You're bound to experience a range of emotion; nervousness, anxiety, fear, humbleness, calmness, pleasure, excitement and joy! It's actually not too unlike the emotions you'll experience in a relationship! So, strap in, hang on and have fun! That goes for when you're skydiving, too! Ha, ha!

Although we've listed a few ideas here, there are an infinite number of things – small and large; free and expensive – you can do to introduce a little "spark" into an old-new relationship. But, the most important and effective thing you can do, is remember to never take each other for granted. It's not easy sometimes, but nothing of worth ever is.

So, we're curious, what are some things you do to keep the “spark” alive?! We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading. More to come.

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