Play That Funky Music DJ!

Eighteenth century English playwright and poet, William Congreve, is known to have notated, “Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.” In our opinion, that’s a fancy-pants, 18th century way of saying, “Good music has a way of making things awesome!” And we couldn’t agree with Congreve more! So, when it comes time to plan your wedding or event euphony, count on Spark’s audio pros and user-friendly planning forms to make your event pitch perfect!

When you book with us, you’re not just booking a Spotify or Pandora playlist production. Spark deejays and emcees have invested thousands of hours - and dollars - in themselves, their equipment, and their craft. And with years of experience and training, they’re artists at reading a crowd and mixing music that’s sure to get even your most reluctant friend foot-loosing on the dance floor! But, mixing great beats isn’t the only thing our music maestros do!

Along with announcing key moments and making sure your event TiK ToKs like clockwork, our talented team has also been known to bust out a few moves of their own. So, don’t worry if your electric slide looks more like the slip-n-slide, or that no one ever taught you how to “Dougie”. Our deejays and emcees will hold court, and give dance lessons all night long!

Another great thing about booking a Spark DJ, is that you’ll gain exclusive access to planning resources that will ensure you and your guests hear only the songs you want to hear! Our user-friendly planning forms allow you to specify every musical aspect of your event, and with unlimited access to our expansive digital music libraries, we guarantee you’ll find every song you can think of to make the perfect playlist. Don’t fret though if you’re interested in a song or artist that’s not in our music libraries. Just give us the scent, and our bebopin’ bloodhounds will track ‘em down at no addition cost!

Like William Congreve, our deejays and emcees know the value and benefits of good music. And we’d like to share that expertise with you. It’s your event, and our passion! So, let’s make beautiful music together! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist the idiom…)

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