In this module, you will learn the ins and outs of the cinema equipment needed to perform an event with Spark successfully. Pay close attention to these videos, as the information will be very important to know during your events. Watch the videos all the way through and then continue on to the quiz at the end of the module. 


Talking Points: 

  • Finding information in the menus
  • Changing frame-rate, shutter speed, ISO, recording frequency and more
  • Navigating the GH4
  • Controlling the camera
  • Changing recording quality

        Here you will learn how to manipulate the GH4 camera in order to achieve the best results for your particular shoot. These videos will show you how to navigate through the menus of the camera as well as changing settings like frame-rate, shutter speed, ISO and much more. Pay attention, as there is much to learn here in order to get the best results for your events.

Part 1

Part 2

Variety Camera Storage

Here is how you should properly put away the Variety Camera after use.

1. - Panasonic Battery Charger        2. - Passive Lens Adaptor        3. - Panasonic GH4

4. - Cleaning Brush, Air Brush, Microfiber Cloth       5. - Media Storage Device

6. - 3 Batteries, Extra Battery Wall Charger

7. - HDMI Cable        8. - AV Out to USB        9. - Battery Car Charger        10. - USB Cable

#ProTip: Use the inventory ID tag attached to each piece of equipment to ensure all of your gear has been stored and put away properly. 

Lens Kit

Talking Points: 

  • Understanding their differences
  • Examples of each lens
  • Introduction to each lens
  • Knowing the correct focal length

        During this video, you will be introduced to the lenses that our cinematographers use to shoot events. You will see the differences in each lens, including example shots taken with each lens. By the end of this video, you should be able to understand when each lens should be used during an event and why their differences matter. Enjoy!

14mm Lens Examples

Notice how wide the shots are. This lens will give your image a fish eye effect, causing the middle of the screen to look further away than the edges.

24mm Lens Examples

The 24mm gives you a wide shot without so much of the fish eye effect that the 14mm has. This is a great lens for making your shot look like there is a lot more room in the frame than there actually is.

35mm Lens Examples

The 35mm lens is a great multipurpose lens and is perfect for all kinds of shooting. When used on a full frame camera, your image will look wide but will not have any warping or distortion. When used on a crop sensor camera, this lens will give you the same focal length as a 50mm lens on a full frame camera.

85mm Lens Examples

The 85mm lens is perfect for those intimate shots where you want your subject to stand out from the surroundings. You can see the depth of field in these shots is very shallow and allows the subject to be highlighted and standout in the frame.  

#ProTip: Talk to a Spark Officer about checking out these lenses on your own in order to get hands on experience with them before your first event.

Lens Kit Storage

Here is how you should properly put away the lens kit after use.

1.  - 24mm Lens    2. - 85mm Lens   3. - 14mm Lens    4. - 35mm Lens    5. - 70-200mm Lens

Audio Kit

Talking Points:

  • Connecting the Microphone receiver and audio recorder
  • Preparing the audio kit
  • Recording Inputs
  • Correct Recording Settings
  • Pairing the Microphone and Receiver

        The audio kit video should prepare you for capturing audio at your events using the provided audio recorder and microphone kit. This video will show you how to directly connect the microphone receiver and recorder together, as well as walk you through the settings and recording inputs. By the end of this video, you should have a full understanding of how these 2 components work together to capture audio. 

#ProTip: Give yourself at least 20 minutes to set up your audio kit at each event to ensure you have a solid connection between your microphone and recorder and to ensure your signal is present and strong.

Audio Kit Storage

Here is how you should properly put away the audio kit after use.

1. - Zoom H8 Recorder       2. - XY Microphone        3. - 4 AA Batteries        4. - Wind Screen

5. - Dynamic Microphone

Shoulder Mount/Trigger Focus System

Talking Points:

  • Adjusting the Shoulder Mount for your camera.
  • When to use the Shoulder Mount
  • Using the Trigger Focus
  • Using the Shoulder Mount
  • Charging the Trigger Focus

        In the Shoulder Rig video you will learn how to use your camera with the shoulder rigs provided to you by Spark. Attached to the shoulder rig is the trigger focus system that we use to provide the camera operator with focus ring access while using the shoulder rig. At the end of this video, you should have a full understanding of the Shoulder Mount system and how to set up your camera to work with the rig properly.  


Talking Points:

  • Using the tripod to it's fullest extent 
  • Knowing it's limitations
  • Getting to know the tripod
  • Setting it up for the first time

        In this video you'll learn about the Benro S8 Tripod, which is the tripod Spark's cinema team currently uses. This tripod is perfect for events of all kinds. It's light weight, but it can hold a large amount of gear when needed. It also allows for great flexibility when shooting on the go. By the end of this video, you should be able to set up the tripod into many different orientations to provide a solid and sturdy resting place for your camera. 

#ProTip: The Legs of the S8 can expand further than most tripods. Use this to your advantage when working in tight spaces or on uneven ground that needs more stabilization.

Power Ups

        If you are ever confused about the Power Ups that Spark offers, look no further! Below is a breakdown of each Power Up, including what it is and how it works.

#Note: Failure to perform the duties required of a client-purchased Power Up may result in reparation. Disciplinary actions include, but are not limited to, financial reimbursement, make time for amends, and/or the creation and delivery of a formal letter of apology.

#ProTip: Purchasing liability insurance for yourself is recommended by Spark to ensure that any failure due to negligence does not impact your personal finances.

Additional Hour

        What it is: The Additional Hour is a client's method to add more time with a Spark service to their schedule. The Additional Hour is exclusive to each service, meaning that an Additional Hour paid for one service only applies to that service. There is no limit to how many Additional Hours a client can book.

       How it works: A client can book an extra hour at any point during the planning process, from the initial booking to the day of the event. Even if a client only needs an additional 30 minutes of event time, they must purchase the full Additional Hour. There is no further time breakdown of this Power Up. If a client decides to extend a Spark service during an event, there is a process to follow so that there are no disputes over the hour causing confusion over your compensation for that Additional Hour. You will need to navigate to the front page of and find the Additional Hour form. Fill out the form, and let the client sign it at the end to confirm the extra hour. The time they book will be charged to their account, and your pay will be updated as well.

4K Upgrade

        What it is: The 4K Power Up is one of our Premiere add-ons here at Spark. When the customer purchases this Power Up, their event highlight video will be shot in 4K. Extended edits will not be shot in 4K, they will be shot it a standard resolution of 1080p.

        How it works: We do not require cinematographers at Spark to own a camera that can shoot 4K, although we do not discourage it at all. If you are given an event that involves a 4K Power Up and your camera does not shoot at that resolution, you will be issued an external recorder that will allow you to record 4K externally. Alternately, you may instead be issued a camera that can shoot 4K internally. All other standards of shooting should be kept to, as described in our "Shooting Settings" video in Module 3 of this training. 

Audio Message

        What it is: When a client purchases an Audio Message upgrade, they will have the ability to record a message for their film during their event at a set time. They will have the ability to pick from the following options...

  • Event - Custom Audio Message
  • Other
  • Wedding - Vows
  • Wedding - Love Letter
  • Wedding - Opening Gifts

        As you can see, when a customer purchases this Power Up, they will be able to choose which one of these options they would like. The first 3 options are wedding specific, the 4th option is for events only, and the last option is open for the customer to tell us what they would like to see. Each Audio Message allows for 2 recordings. This allows for couples to record vows to each other, or one of the other options. This is the same for events as well. If the guest of honor or event planner has 2 audio messages they would like to record, that is included in this Power Up. 

        How it works: If a client of yours has purchased this Power Up, make sure you go over it with them during your planning call. Determine a time that you will set aside during their event that you can record the desired audio message. Make sure to note this time in their planning forms so that you can reference it later. 

#ProTip: Be sure to set aside at least 30 minutes of time for every message that you record. This will allow you to have enough time for set up, recording, and break down. 

Additional Extended Edit

        What it is: The additional Extended Edit is one of our more popular options when it comes to Power Ups. If a client purchases a Professional or Premiere Cinematography package they will automatically receive one Extended Edit for Professional, and two Extended Edits with Premiere. The Extended Edit Power Up allows them to add an (additional) Extended Edit to any package they may have purchased. When a client purchases an Extended Edit Power Up they will have the ability to pick one of the following options:

  • Wedding - Toasts/Speeches
  • Event - Extended Edit of Choice
  • Wedding - Ceremony 
  • Wedding - First Dances

        As you can see, the first 3 options are wedding specific and the last option is for events only.

How it Works: Additional Extended Edits are shot the exact same way as any Extended Edit as explained in our "What to Shoot" video located in Module 3 of this training. If you have questions regarding whether an Extended Edit should be shot or not, please talk to a Spark officer before your event so that crucial footage is not missed.

Eye in the Sky

        What it is: The Eye in the Sky Power Up gives the client the ability to have amazing drone footage in their film. Drone footage allows the clients to see a birds eye view of the surroundings and activities taking place at their event. 

        How it Works: If you are assigned to an event that includes an Eye in the Sky pPower Up, you will be issued a drone to use for that event. To fly the drone issued to you by Spark, you must follow all FAA regulations and have a valid license to fly. If you are not licensed and would like to be, talk to a Spark officer about what incentives are offered for getting certified and licensed. During an event with an Eye in the Sky Power Up, you will want to show up to your event at least 1 hour earlier than instructed by the hosts, in order to get good usable drone footage of the event space. 

Go Pro in 4K

        What it is: The Go Pro in 4K Power Up allows our clients to see their event from a unique angle. This power up is pretty easy for you as a contractor, and it's very easy to perform as well. 

        How it Works: When a client buys this Power Up, make sure you talk to them during your planning call about what they would like to see captured with the Go Pro. Most of the time your clients will be looking to you for recommendations as to what to capture. Here is a list of a few unique things you may be able to do at your event to capture some fun angles:

  • Place close to bride and groom during the ceremony
  • Mount it on a window during the ceremony
  • Place in the Brides bouquet during a special part of the day. 
  • Pass around during the reception or during the pictures
  • Allow guest to take it around throughout the day
  • Allow the bridal party to hold it during a special part of the day
  • Plus more...

There are many options you have as a cinematographer when it comes to this Power Up, so bring your creativity and make something great! 

RAW FootagE

        What it is: Our clients have the ability to purchase the RAW Footage from their event at the time of their booking or after their event. When this Power Up is purchased, we will provide them with a USB thumb drive containing every clip shot at their event by their cinematographers. This footage will not be edited at all and will be in its most RAW form.

        How it works: Our Spark events editors will take the RAW footage from the event and load it onto a 128GB (or higher if needed) USB thumb drive and deliver that to the clients via mail. 

#Note: Because of this Power Up, make sure you are careful with the words you use at all times during your event. If the customer purchases this power up they will be receiving every clip taken, with audio. We do not want the customer hearing something that should not have been said by our contractors. Language, distasteful talk, and disrespect towards the customer or Spark will not be tolerated and may lead to reparation. Do not talk in this way at any point during the event, even in private.


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