Welcome to Module 3! This module takes the technical know-how from the last module and helps you develop that knowledge into a workable skill. You will learn about the playlists, mixing techniques, and host/emcee techniques in the event environment. You will really get a solid grasp on how to operate as a skilled DJ/MC. That said, check out the videos and smack that quiz button when you're ready to show the world how much you will rock it!

Music Playlists

Talking Points:

  • Actions to avoid
  • Movement and mood
  • Playlists you may need
  • What technology is used for building
  • Thoughts behind the playlist
  • How to handle situations

#ProTip: Familiarize yourself with the audience using demographics, playlists, song requests, and room vibes as a reference for playlist building and modifying your direction at an event. Don't use profiling to facilitate the dynamic of a crowd.

Mixing Techniques


  • Mixing in tune with people
  • Mixes on the iPad and controller
  • Building mixes into the playlist
  • Mixing with genre

Prompting the Crowd and Making Announcements


  • Power moments
  • Dance floor transitions
  • Proper mindset
  • Using leverage
  • Techniques during specific activities


When you're ready, take the quiz below and find out how well you know the information covered in this module.


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