In this module, we'll be discussing techniques, tips, and standards for shooting photography with Spark Events. The goal of this module is to equip you with knowledge to help you better adapt to the variety of photography situations you will encounter while shooting with us, while maintaining the highest quality of photography possible.



  • Dim lighting
  • Bright lighting
  • Using Flash
  • Front lighting
  • Back lighting
  • Side lighting
  • Shooting in the Shade

Photography means "writing with light," so we must learn to read the light before we can create a masterpiece. This video will address the different kinds of lighting that you will encounter while shooting an event and how to adapt to it best. The key to lighting is understanding how to use it, when to use it, and when not to use it. 

Group Formals


  • Working with Groups
  • Arrangment
  • Bridal Party Photos

The video below will go over some tips on how to deal with groups in the most effective manner, how to arrange group photos to look polished and professional, and tactics for capturing the Bridal Party at their best. 



  • The Keys to Key Moments
  • Making the Moment
  • What to Shoot

Key moments are important moments that people will want to remember forever. These are really the reason that you are at an event– to capture memories people will cherish for a lifetime. Here are some tips to help ensure that those moments are documented.



  • Settings

This final video for Module 2 will list the settings that should or should not be used while shooting a Spark event. Most of these recommendations are true across the board in the photography world, but some are specific to how we process our photos here at Spark Events. So make sure to listen, remember, and use these recommendations for all of your Spark events, and maybe even improve your personal work too.


When you're ready, take the quiz below and find out how well you know the information covered in this module.


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