The Non-Conventional Corporate Meeting

The annual corporate event: the event most corporations do to help improve team building, reduce stress, and bring the company together. Most of these events take place in convention centers across the United States, but there can be more interactive and exciting ways for coworkers to connect. So, what makes an event non-conventional? Non-conventional corporate events mix professionalism with creativity. This technique energizes the event by providing new and exciting ways for people to engage and interact.


1.    Location

Location can be a unique way to tie in the overall experience for the guests. Picking non-conventional locations can add to the excitement of the event and be a major WOW factor for those attending. Here are a couple examples of a non-conventional location:

Wineries and Breweries: Picking local vendors can not only be a unique educational experience for guests attending the event but shows support to the local community and businesses in the area. This location can be a unique way to express interest in the community while maintaining a unique and fun experience for the company members. This will provide educational experiences, exceptional outings, and enticing venue options.

Shout out to mothersbrewing on Instagram for the great pic.

Mother’s Brewery: Housed in Springfield, MO, Mother’s Brewery is a local brewing company that is passionate about craftsmanship. Mother’s specializes in hand crafted beers and would be a perfect location to house your next corporate event.

Unique Buildings: Having your event in a not-so-typical location can also be an exciting way to incorporate a theme (like a costume party) to your event. Unique buildings can not only add to the fun and exploration of a new area but can tie an entire event together from theme to end.

pythian castle.jpg

Pythian Castle: Located in Springfield, MO. Pythian Castle offers a variety of events that can bring the pizzazz to any party. Pythian Castle offers murder mystery events along with historic and ghost tours to appeal to a variety of crowds.

2.  Food

What better way to impress your guest than providing unique and delicious food for them to enjoy? Add flair by incorporating signature items, unique experiences, and memorable factors to any event.

Signature drinks: An impressive way to tie the event together. Adding a personal touch is always a highlight for most guests or members. This is a unique way to incorporate a company’s colors, sayings, inside jokes, or theme into an event. Making it an exciting feature on the menu.

 Hors d’ouerves: Nothing screams event more than food. A notable way to keep people conversing and mobile is by having hors d’ouerves as the chosen food option. Hors d’ouerves are portable and easy to eat food options, usually able to eat in one or two bites—kind of like an appetizer. This not only allows the guest to move around and network with more individuals but allows the guest to experience a variety of food options in one setting. A great way to spice up these little side dishes is by incorporating them with the theme of the event.

3.    Flair

This is a great way to leave your guest with an experience of a lifetime. Adding personal touches to any event makes things memorable and meaningful to the guest. This can also be a great conversational piece to help break the ice for even the shyest of guest.

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Event Services: Having a personal DJ relieves the pressure of provided quality music. Event services not only just supply musical needs but can provide photography and cinematography to document the event and create memories for ages to come. A unique feature would be providing a photo booth for guest to enjoy memories with coworkers for years to come.

Unique Favors: What better way to end a great night than with a take home piece of the party. A caricaturist can add a conversational piece to the table. This would allow members of the company to laugh together and have a memorable experience to joke about later!

Cigar rolling is another unique idea for the non-conventional corporate event. This would be a great way to tie into the theme of the event or just a little keep sake for members to take home. This would also be a great conversation piece and attraction for guests of the event.

Non-conventional corporate gatherings are all about experience! These events are meant to be exciting, spontaneous, and lively for all guests. Featuring an out of the box way to get connected.


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